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Our clientele spans corporate, non-profit, government and academic sectors, world-wide. Leaders invest in our services because they realize:

“Vision trumps all other senses.  We are incredible at remembering pictures.  Hear a piece of information, and three days later you are likely to remember 10% of it.  Add a PICTURE and you’ll remember 65%.”  

- John Medina, “Brain Rules”  ​​​

Invite people to participate in the creation of that picture and you:


  • Signal a departure from static power-point centric presentations

  • Peak curiosity, interest, and inspiration  

  • Introduce transparency and flow into your meeting process

  • Increase participation by individual attendees

  • Encourage collaboration

  • Receive input that leads from awareness to affirmation and action step enumeration

  • Generate commitment to shared visions

  • Enhance retention

  • Expand the life and impact of your time together via post-event visual deliverables


If you invest in the interactive visual mapping process, you shift the dynamic in the room and achieve positive outcomes that greatly surpass expectations, thanks to the Agency of Art! 

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